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Bender Robotics is your dream development team! While our first product – robot Advee, was developed in 2009 for ourselves, now we can also help you. We specialize in embedded systems, design of electromechanical systems, electronics, firmware and high-level control layers. Since 2016 we are ISO 9001 certified for development of software and development of mechatronic systems.

We can help you in following fields:

Mechanical design Mechanical design

Electronics and controlElectronics and control

System and application software System and application software

Prototype production and testingPrototype production and testing

What our clients say about us?

“For the past 5 years, Bender Robotics has been a reliable partner in supporting us with embedded systems for the development in the consumer, automotive and medical projects.”

Alexander Legner,
Director, Design Center Flex Althofen

“With Bender Robotics, it is not just about product development, rather a partner-level collaboration is established. This way we have made a product that is of high quality and exhibits unique production technology at the same time, unprecedented in this field.”

Anna Marešová,
owner and designer Whoop.de.doo

“Custom solutions for embedded system testing developed for our company have improved the overall reliability of our ecosystem.”

Ľubomír Mráz,
CTO of Sewio Networks

“Embedded Linux expertise provided by Bender Robotics allowed us to better understand requirements needed in order to update our development platform.”

Petr Kazda,
Service Lab Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech, spol. s r.o.

“The Breach platform allows us to prototype new ideas for our teleoperation solution on a real vehicle without having to leave the comfort of our office while reducing testing costs by 35%.”

Jakub Jůza,
Technical Lead at Roboauto

“Provided professional analysis in the area of embedded microcontrollers helped us to better optimize the flashing process on our IoT platform.”

Antonín Michl,
COO of ALIS Tech

“Intensive work of the Bender Robotics HW team helped finishing FPGA-based product development with success, while facing highly complex technology and tight schedule.”

Jaroslav Weiter,
CEO of Sawtronics

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