Electronics and control BREACH
mobile robotic platform

BREACH is robust modular robotic platform with high mobility intended for populated indoor environments. Modular concept offers large custom adjustability of structure while built-in core peripheral and control systems provide basic functionality, such as safe autonomous motion.

The platform is of compact overall dimensions, yet it can carry up to 20 kg of payload. The batteries provides sufficient supply of energy for 8 hours of active labour and can be simply replaced, if continuous operation is required.

On-board sensors together with ROS based embedded control system ensure essential functionality that can be simply extended for arbitrary application.

BREACH is ideal for robotics researchers who do not want to loose time with the development or never ending fiddling of hardware.

Key features:


The BREACH platform allows us to prototype new ideas for our teleoperation solution on a real vehicle without having to leave the comfort of our office while reducing testing costs by 35%.

Jakub Jůza | Roboauto

General specs

Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 620 × 540 × 255 mm
Platform weight 32 kg
Max. payload 20 kg
Operating speed 1.5 kph
Operating range 7.4 km
Battery run time 8 h
Environment type Indoor
Chassis type 2WD, Differential
Price: on request
Delivery time: 3 months


or contact us directly:

Jiří Krejsa
+420 774 449 090

Structure and Performance

Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 620 × 540 × 255 mm
Chassis type 2WD, Differential
Suspension Fixed
Weight 32 kg
Max. payload 20 kg
Turning radius 0 mm
Max. speed 1.9 kph
Operating speed 1.5 kph
Max. range 7.4 km


Ambient temperature 5-40 °C
Ambient humidity 5-90%
Operating environment Indoor only

Floor condition

Floor requirements Level surface, linoleum, carpet, concrete
Maximum up/down slope 15°


Battery chemistry LiFePO4
Battery capacity, voltage 720 Wh, 12 V
Battery run time 8 h
Charge time 2-3 h (charger), 0 h (immediate battery replacement)

Built-in sensorics

LIDAR 1 at front, 240°, 6 m range, eye-safe
Pneumatic bumpers rear/front/side
Ultrasonic obstacle detectors SRF08 (8x)
Self diagnostic tools

Optional sensorics

Camera(s) QR codes detection, infra camera, overview camera
Environment sensors Temperature, humidity
Side/rear laser Safety feature
Customer specific peripherals We are able to integrate other peripherals…

Integrated peripherals

Advanced control Intel i5 Core fanless PC, pre-configured with ROS (modular, open-source architecture), robust embedded system
Custom configuration LED light control, e-stop extension

Interfacing, communication

Appliance supply power LiFePO4 charger (13.2 V, 20 A)
Communication WiFi (802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz)
Radio control (optional)
User digital I/O Up to 24 inputs, 24 outputs
Audio Audio In, audio Out